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Adepticon, Eh! Part 1

As you may or may not know, I attended Adepticon 2014, one of the biggest if not the biggest 40K event, on the first week of April.  This glorious tale of drinking and wargaming will be spread in 4 parts, and here’s the 1st

The long road to Chicago!
The fisrt part of this epic tale is about the preparation and the road to the convention itself.  I played the 40K Championship, a 1850 points tournament, and the Team Tournament, where teams of 4 battle it out 2 on 2 with 1000pts each.  Two of the Hellfire crew also went on the X-Wing team tournament. 
Fresh off my NDOpen attendance, I headed to Adepticon in a similar fashion.   A solid plan.  Paint 4000 points in a week, use 1850 out of the 4000 for my championship army,  get a decent morning drunk and no playtest whatsoever before the event.  Not to spoil the 3 others parts of this tale, but that’s exactly what I did.
The Hellfire team consisted of myself, Denis Coté, Guillaume Boily and our charming bunch was lead by the infamous Captain Keiv.  With little to no plan, our team army was chosen less than a month before the event.  At some point, the choice of what to play fell on what I could paint 4000 points of in a week.  A cult of Nurgle it was.  I went on to design four 1000 point lists, keeping in mind our no playtesting time and player specific likes and dislikes.  Basically, me and Keiv would play pretty much anything nasty, so I designed 2 lists of Chaos Daemons that work well together and fit our playstyle ( Keiv got the firepower list, I played the resilient blob type ).  Guillaume being somewhat new to the game and not that experienced was playing a Typhus and Zombies propelled Chaos Space Marines list.  Denis, being a goddayum waaaaaaaay too lucky son of a gun, played an IG list with a blob of troops and 2 Manticores, because 6 large blasts for 4 turns is fun.
With this list of minis to paint and assemble in a week, I set out to build a championship list using only these models, as painting any more would be madness.  With a lot of  help from Kenny Boucher form Forge The Narrative /  Next Level Painting, we came up with a quite nasty Chaos Marines/ Chaos Daemons list that combiend a flying circus and Typhus Zombies.  More on that list in the 2nd part of this epic tale!
With all the painting, I took no part/interest in the road trip planning portion, leaving this to the guys to figure out by themselves.  My only concern was fitting our huge display board in our relatively small ride.  The ride went really quickly, with Keiv and Guillaume splitting almost all the driving.  It was an 18 hour trip, and by going through Toronto at 1 AM took not more than an hour  and through the border at 4 AM took roughly 15 seconds.  I should mention now  that I’m not an easy sleeper nor do I need a lot of sleep to function.  When we arrived in Chicago, I had 0 hour of sleep in 3 days,  this was pretty much my limit.

After much drinking and meeting great friends ( more about this in part 4 )  I had a solid 2 hours of sleep before day one of the championship.  Read about it in part 2!

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