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Adepticon, eh! Part 2

As you may or may not know, I attended Adepticon 2014, one of the biggest if not the biggest 40K event, on the first week of April.  This glorious tale of drinking and wargaming will be spread in 4 parts, here’s part 2, the 40K Championship.  You can find part one here if you’ve missed it.

Disclaimer:  I took no pictures and no notes, this recap is all from memory, and as you can guess, I was pretty smashed and sleep deprived.  Sorry if details and names are sketchy.
After almost no sleep, still kinda drunk and no breakfast, I stumbled into the Championship’s first round to meet my opponent, someone I forgot the name on Team Stomping Ground.  Tim played a Space Marines and  Inquisition list with a lot of firepower and it was awesomely painted too  The list was quite fun to play against and I believe he placed quite well.  The match was rather close closing on turn 5.  Sadly,  I did not read the mission carefully enough, what in my understanding  was a draw turned ou to be a minor defeat.  I thought the missions were battle points, it way straight W/L.  Way to go reading!  I blame myself  here, not to take anything away from my opponent’s win, he played his army quite well and kept my heldrakes from destroying his squishy troops.  On to game 2!
My second game was against against a Tyranid army, and I must say that dice failed me greatly.  Again, I mean no disrespect for my opponent, but rolling on Daemon Weapons or denying the witches are not skills I master.  I’m pretty sure I had no models left at the end of the game.  I was disapointed to be 0-2 at this point, but I really enjoy 40K and booze, and pushing my zombies around while making zombies noises seemed way better than lurking around tables or going to take a powernap.
Round 3 was against a Salamander/ Dark Angel army.  I was fearing the worst  when he killed my Great Unclean One on turn one with my 2+ cover save.  The game was a bloodbath, every turn the balance shifted, until late game, where the Heldrakes turned the tide in my favor by torching the last of the scoring units on the other side.  A win at last!
I went into game 4 primed to set my record at 2-2.   The dice however were quite against my new goal of a .500 statline.  My opponent was a great guy and loads of fun to play against.  His Daemon army featured the infamous Khorne-Dog Deathstar which proved to be my doom.  I had drawn quite a crowd for this match, 2 friends eneded their 4th game within 30 minutes, and my good friend Eric, who wasnt playing in the tournament, were all witness to the incredibad luck I have to deal with.  On my turn 2, after a failed grimoire on his hounds, and my grimoire on top of it, leaving the deathstar with no saves, I charged in with Typhus and a Black Mace Daemon Prince.  I rolled 1 and 1 for my daemon weapons, lost both characters and pretty much my only chance of killing the unit, let alone win the game.  On the other hand, my 3 friends and the 3 judges watching were all very entertained and histerically laughing.  After turn 5 and 6, I was escaping with a win still, his hounds hunting down what remained of my scoring units.  Turn 7 proved to be too much for what was left of my army, and I had to admit defeat.

I ended up 55th Overall, not bad at all and learned that this army is really not one for me.  I am not a big fan of clutch rolls that can go horribly wrong.  I’m glad I got to play it however, as all the models were for our team army, I know I won’t be building a similar army for my own collection.

Onto part 3, the Team tournament!

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