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Adepticon, Eh! part 4

Now believe it or not, the downtime is actually the best part of the event…   Well, I didn’t win anything so maybe winning in tournaments is best.  I wouldn’t know, so I had to socialize and drink.  Well, damned, tough break.  Read on for the conclusion of this awesome weekend of gaming!

I had a 1 hour power-nap when we checked in, and then we went on a quest to find cheap beer.  Can you ask for a better start for the Adepticon?  Naive and sleep deprived me thought 24 PBR would last the entire con.  I finished them that evening.  I averaged 20 drinks a day for the entire event, which is a decent score to keep a nice afternoon drunk going. 
Now as I said, drinking in the downtime of the tournaments is my favorite part of the event:  meeting people you only talk to online or heard of online.  I met a TON of people, way to many to name them all without forgetting some.  I spent the weekend’s downtime split between 2 very distinct types of wargamers: Either with some of the bigger names in 40K players or with the limitless talents from painters of the Wargamer’s Consortium. 
Somewhat famous tournament players are a fun crowd to hang out with.  Now, having a thick French Canadian accent and going 1-3 in a tournament doesn’t qualify you as a great player, but I was greeted and welcomed by everyone, mostly because Kenny, Paul, Juice and Goatboy, of internet and Forge the Narrative fame, were nice enough to introduce me to everyone.  The People’s Murphy still owes me a beer and for principle purposes, I’m writing it on the internet.  It’s really great to see that everyone is willing to share tips and strategies, reminding everyone that the social bond between wargamers is still there, no matter how you show up to enjoy the game.
The other half of my downtime I spend with the Wargamer Consortium’s painters, whom with the exception of David Pease, I’d only met online.  I was quite happy to meet them, again too many to name them all without forgetting some, and glad to see their work live instead of only pictures.  I really wish some of them were dicks, this way I could come home and say: « Yeah, he paints well but he’s kind of a dick »  but this is not the case, they paint well and are really good company.  Even Ryan Meigs, destroyer of all that is beautiful.  Almost everyone in the group brought pieces for the Crystal Brush and a special congrats are due to Mario Suhardi for taking one one of the prized trophy!  I also wish I had more time to hang out with Celso, whose Horus Heresy pieces really impressed me.  The fact is that we were both meeting so many people and that his thick accent coupled with my thicker and frencher one makes for quite a painful conversation for everyone around.

This about concludes it for my trip to the Adepticon!  Stay tuned for another incredible tale from distant lands, which should be Nova Open, in August.

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