On the worktable this week!

Really little blogging last week, as I was rather busy, but I will make up for it this week, as the blog will see my event report from the Chaos Ludik, and a couple of updates painting wise, as I’ve completed the Chaos Warrior project and bunch of new daemons.  I’m still working a bunch of hours at the store ( even today which is Canada’s better version of thanksgiving ) so I don’t know how much painting I can squeeze in.  Hopefully a number between  a whole damn lot of  OR total unsleeping beastmode hours.

The TO-DO List:

Jack:  20 Kroots and 2 Hounds

Boily: Raven Guard Terminators, Veterans.  A Baal Predator to assemble and magnetise and paint.  A Bunch of Space Wolves for Da Boyz

David:  Nagash ( YESSSS!!!! ) Neferata and a Vampire Lord to assemble and paint.

My own twisted projects:

Maulerfiend and 10 cultists to finish fo my Da Boyz army.

The Super Secret Da Boyz Team Project, that I will actually start this week.

Also not really a to do thing, but something cool that’s happenning:  A buddy of mine wants to get serious about painting, so I’ll get to teach him a few tricks and techniques.  This also means that I will have time to work on display pieces or random models to show him and that I’ll start once again to look at how to videios and blogs to improve.  I can’t wait to start this, I have a few projects lined up.

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