Chaos Ludik, Part 2

If you missed part 1, you can catch it here

This will be a long one, as I won’t go into multi-part, I’ll cram all that coverage into this post.  If you have chili for dinner, you might need 2 bathroom breaks to finish reading it.  Do your best, soldier!  Enjoy!

It was the break of 4AM when we set sail for montreal to crush this Team Tournament.  Logistics and poor planning on my part meant that I would not play the single on Sunday, so we had to make our short appereance count.  I don’t do much reading, so the Army Composition guidelines were somewhat lost on me, and our amry list was a pretty standard FMC Spam:

List 1:  Fateweaver, 13 Horros, 17 Horrors, Tzeench Daemon Prince with Wings, armor, level 3, 2 Greater Rewards 1 Lesser, Imperial Bastion.
List 2:  GUO, Exalted Gift, 2x 3 Nurglings, 2x Nurgle Daemon Prince with Wings, armor, level 3, 2 Greater and 1 lesser each.  I didnt check the list that carefully, but the 2 lesser rewards should’ve been a Greater Reward on the GUO.

Unto the games!

Game 1: Team Horn and Claws ( Winners of the Best Sportsmanship Trophy)

They were rocking Astral Claws and Minotaurs, with a bunch of devastators, a Conversion Beamer Warlord, unfortunate terminators and Rhino infantry.  The game went our way from the start, not only we pitted this min-maxed list vs their themed list, but the dice-rolling on their side was terrible.  The highlight of the game is the Astral Claws Warlord dying on the last turn after taking an insane ammount of various psychic attacks for 3 turns and having a FNP of 3+ because of Flickering Fires.

Game 2:  Team  Sunz of Anorky

Chatting with them while setting up, they mentionned they scored 0 and got tabled on the first round.  We scored 30.  I walk up to the organisers and have them check that both scores are entered correctly, then explain that there must be a problem with the matchmaking.   I come back to the table, tell them that the scores are in ok but the matchmaking is wrong but we still play and that I’m buying the first round ( to break off the odd and wtf mood that sets up with the pairing sheninigans.  The guys are playing Orks and have a pretty good matchup for the scenario, as they have a lot of objective secured units.  The game was quite bloody.  MVP for the Orks were the lootas that survived 4 Psychic Shrieks and 2 Nurgle flamers.  By the end of the game, we could not prevent a warbiker mob to tie us on Linebreaker, having stalled the unit already 2 turns in close combat with 2++ Horrors.  The game was way closer than the 29-1 score reflects.

Game 3: Team Abus B. Choquette  ( OP B.Choquette in english if you will )  Bruno ( only name out of the 6 people I played against I remember – yay me! ) was the winner of the 2014 ND Open, and one tough player to beat.  This is coupled with the fact that we played a turn by turn objective capture game against his 3 Stooges Wave Serpent Eldars ( 6 Wave Serpents, 3 Wraight Knights )  The secondary objectives was wiping out one of the players, and that plus Line breaker, Slay the Warlord and 1st Blood meant a tie.  Being in a somewhat unwinnable position, at no point did we try to get objectives, focussing solely on beating some eldar ass*.  This somewhat took them by surprise, and they spent the first 3 turns bamboozled at our seemingly odd playmaking and shot at our useless troops placed in decoy formation.  We scored 1st blood on a Wraight Knight with a Heavy Bolter from the Bastion too.  That’s a moral victory right there.  We ended up not being able to destroy Bruno’s partner’s army as on turn 4 they figured out our plan out and did a good job of protecting what was left of his army.  21-9 for The OP Choquette.

* Unwinable is a strong word, but outplaying Bruno and his teammate or hoping for a misplay is a strech at this stage of a tournament.  Know when to hold them, know when to fold them as they say…

Scores and stuff:  The Big Softies remain undefeated in their quests for BEST OVERALL in tournaments.  That’s right, haterz, Best Overall by 0.5 points over Bruno’s team.   Despite being 3rd in generalship, the Daemons 63.5 out of 65 in painting and some serious Sportsmanship points made up for our lat game’s below average’s performance.

Overall, this was a fun event, and next year I’ll read the rules as I couldn’t use any of my respawns due to them being only primered and the player’s guide explicitly mentioned they needed to be painted.  Reading is not my strong suit.

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