Le no news

No To Do list of the week?  Bro, you’re slacking!  But I swear I’m not really.   I know it’s late for an update and you guys, fatefutl readers mom, you deserve better.  Hit the jump for me showing you better ( not my weiner, I swear )

So, while I may have no time to work much on this before Da Boyz ( 2 weeks ), here’s a bunch of End of Times models that David sent me to paint.  Since I broke part of my airbrush and am counting on amazon’s super fast  delivery for the replacement part I need, these guys will be assembled and magnetize soon, and hopefully amazon comes through and I can beastmode my way through my Da Boyz models and start on these dudes, as they are awesome.

After some sheninigans, I have no idea what’s wrong with my airbrush, or I ordered/received the wrong part, but Eric comes through once again to save the day and will bring me a fully fonctional Renegade Krome to blast these toys with.

Here’s to Eric, a true bro-tleman.

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