What’s the frenchie doing?

Your mom.

Little update for y’all, as I will probably be radio silent for the next few weeks, as work is overwhelming and both the ND Open and Adepticon are right around the corner with much left to do still.

Nontheless, the 2nd part of the Meta your Maker article is underway and should hit the interwebz thursday.

Also, I will have a decent NDOpen Primer up soon, as I have just read the one I wrote prior to last year’s and I’m eager to go again!

I will also do the same with Adepticon.

Also, I’m selling a bunch of models that are collecting dust here and would be much happier in your army.  Have a look ( These will be updated infrequently as I’m still sorting what to keep and what to sell )

E Bay Gallery

Also this post in my local ( french ) forum with different models.


Hit me up if any of these would look sweet in a shelf at your place and/or in your army.

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