The Army of the Month Project

Tired of having stacks of boxes and sprues and looking like a hoarder, I have taken it upon myself to do something about it. Call it a crazy new year resolution, call it a daunting challenge, but much like Asterix, I must conquer these 12 tasks and be done with endless boxes of uncompleted stuff.

Read on for the whole details.
As described in the video, the so called 12 tasks are quite loose as of yet, and only require me to pick an army that’s started and finish it – usually buying some more models. Most of the projects are somewhat underway, but far from over. Here’s an educated guess at the first few months :
January : Hammertime terminator list
February/March : Gladius and Thunderdome most likely
April : AoS Stormcast Eternals
May : If I win stuff at Adepticon, might turn into an army
June :???
July : Something for NOVA
August and the following:???

As you can see, I got a couple of projects lined up, and because I’m a kid and love all these new toys, I’m sure I’ll find some new release to spark my interest and spend all my hard earned money on. So stay tuned, as I’m finishing up January’s article and video for the beginning of the month in the next few days.

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