Army of the Month Project, Month 1

Welcome to the first of the Army of the Month chronicles, where yours truly will attempt to paint an army each month – or die trying. You can read about the whole projecthere.

Without further ado, here’s January’s project, a list I lovingly call Hammertime. You can hit the jump for more info in the list.

Sometimes you win games with finesse and skills, sometimes you win with an unkillable deathstar swinging hammers at faces. This army is more of the second type.
The original idea from the list came from this game on The Long War. Because Kenny and Juice are playing at 1500 and I wanted to go to 1850, adjustments had to be made.
Here’s part A of the list :
Massive Thunderhammer/Stormshield terminator unit
Kaldor Draigo
Brother Captain Stern
There’s no part B.

Well there is, but everything that you want is in those 3 units – that will be one unit in game.

Bunch of terminators : These have fallen out of fashion lately over the more popular thunderdome deathstar, packing ravenwing and thunderwolf cavalry and/or thunderwolf characters, but these guys can still pack quite a punch.
Draigo : First, he’s a beast. ‘Nuff said. Second of all, he comes with Gate of Infinity, a nice spell that allows you to compensate for the lack of movement your terminators have. So no rolling and praying for a spell, you have it.
Stern : Much like Draigo, his best tool is that he comes with one fixed spell : Sanctuary. This 1 warpcharge goodie boosts the invulnerable save of our terminators and draigo to 2 up, making them quite unkillable.
Now it’s just a matter of what to surround these guys with.
By playing Blood Angels, you get a Sanguinary priest that also gives FnP to the unit for cheap, so it’s pretty much an autoinclude everytime.
The other autoinclude I feel is a Librarian Conclave of White Scars. I’m pretty sure the conclave wasn’t around when the battle report on the Long war came out, but I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t include them. You have a safe spot for them to hide, they jack up your warp dice, give your deathstar Hit and Run and also allow you to roll on Daemonology : Malefic, one nasty tool to add more dice and get key units.
So here are 2 variants of the list at 1850.
Nemesis Strike Force
Stern ( Warlord)
Strike Squad ( 5 dudes )
Nemesis Dreadknight : Teleporter, Psylancer, Heavy Incinerator
Nemesis Dreadknight : Teleporter, Psylancer
Allied Blood Angels
Sanguinary Priest
10x Assault Terminators with TH/SS
5 Scouts w/ Bolters
Conclave :
3x Level 2
1x Level 1
White Scars
This is the 1st version of the list, I pretty much packed everything I wanted in there and picked the minimal troop options to squeeze in more of the fun stuff. The Nemesis Dreadknights are my favorite models both for the look and the stats, they are also one of the only way to deal with FMC. Forced and prescience on them is a terror even for Nurgle princes or big strength D Bloodthirster.
List 2
Grey Knight CAD
Stern ( Warlord )
Strike Squad with 1 Psycanon in a Rhino
Strike Squad with 1 Psycanon in a Rhino
Nemesis Dreadknight : Teleporter, Psylancer, Incinerator
BA Allied Detachement
Sanguinary Priest
2x 5 Scouts with Bolters
10 Assault Terminators with TH/SS
Librarian Conclave
3x Level 2
White Scars
This list is somewhat more balanced ( yeah right ) and features 6 ObSec units rather that 1 from the previous list. This comes in handy when playing versus gladius lists, specially because Strike Squads are good at killing other marine units.

I’m still on the fence about which list I like better, but the good thing is that I have the models for both. 

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