AOTM Project for April

Late to post, strong to the finish, as always.

Click below to get more details on my plans for this friendly bunch of blood-loving dudes!


As mentionned in the video, I plan on doing the characters and the “chosen” guys with a lot more care, and then blitz through the 16 Blood Reavers/Marauders guys with a airbrush/dip method similar to the Stormcast Eternals

I kinda wanted to to the bases with lava and OSL, but I’ve since then came back to my senses.  I will do them like the Stormcast Eternals, for reasons detailed below.

Because I like my models to pop,  I will add some cool effect on them.  Instead of some glowy color ( sorta my signature move by now ) I will add blood and gore.  While it’s less flashy than the glow, it should provide a nice eye-catching addition to all my dudes.  And who knows, there will probably be some glowy stuff too.  CANTSTOPWONTSTOP!


My sole plan for these guys is to fight the introduction campaign in the Age of Sigmar boxed set and reccord battle reports on each of them.  This is the main reason I want to bases to match the stormcast.  It might also be a  time to update the stormcast’s bases to something more than plain rocks.  We’ll see!


As with my other Army of the Month Projects, I don’t plan to sell them before the end of the year, as I really like the idea of having all my stuff painted up.  And also becasue it’s cool to have all these models to show for.

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