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Army Showcase – Jack’s Chaos Space Marines

I have spent the last week furiously painting Jack’s Chaos Space Marines to rock at Da Boyz GT. I  shared a few WIPs on insta-sizzle as per usual, but here is the full showcase, with a few guidelines on how I painted them.

Jack had pretty much 2 criterias to follow for painting his army:

1- Dark Purple and Silver theme

2- Clear distinction between the Alpha Legion and the World Eaters.

Now that is something easy enough to do, and we opted to do heads and helmets different colors to tell the Legions from one another.  White for the Khorne, and Turquoise for Alpha Legionaires.


This type of paint job is what I refer to as a Finished WIP, meaning that the army can be played and looks finished enough, but there’s still more you can do on them.

I had roughly a week to do the army prior to Da Boyz, so this level is great: it’s manageable in the timeline, and after Da Boyz, if Jack wants to keep painting them, he can add all the details and truly finish the army.  But in the meantime, he has a fully painted for to play with.

Because the army is so Dark, I felt like light bases would add a lot of kick to the army, and the tan/yellow tone contrasts nicely with purple.


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