2017 Review & Plans for 2018

As the earth makes another pass ’round the sun, let’s take a step back and look at some of the cool stuff 2017 brought on.  And because there’s nothing like making 2 steps forward whenever you take a step back, let’s explore what’s coming up for 2018!

So this is coming somewhat late and after a seemingly endless hiatus in posting anything.  Rest assured, I’m not dead, far from it.  The no-posting was due in part to having a lot to do at the store during the Holiday seasons and a couple of re-management.

But no more.  So to kick ease back into the Hellfire Painting content you all miss and love ( modest much, bro?), here’s an ad free post with the cool shit from 2017, and the upcoming cooler shit of 2018.

2017, so long and thanks for all the shoes!

Stuff I was aiming for in my 2016 review:

1- Mo’ armies. I have 2 armies I am working on right now, as well as 4000 points of Adepticon team goodness coming in from Troy to paint. Ain’t no store stopping this madman.
2017 was filled with glorious models and armies, including but not limited to: My fun Nurgle Daemons ( bound to make a comeback with the new book ), The Ultramarines Disco Rockets, JC’s Ultramarines, my 4-daemon prince “i’m retiring” army and Jack’s Chaos.
2- Best Painted at Adepticon. This is quite an ambitious one, but within the past 2-3 years, I’ve won pretty much every kind of trophy from Adepticon – 2015 Player’s Choice, Team Best Gen/Overall, Best Sportsman last year. The only one missing is Best Painted. So that’s my only goal this year. Paint a sick army and display board, win, never attend again. Or something like that.
Some sort of a good but not good enough hustle there.  I was really thrilled to get a shot at it with Troy and Kris’ Space Wolves, and we got Best Imperial, which was this year’s hardest category to break through.  But hey, the guys have pretty much forced me back on the team, so it looks like I’ll return to Adepticon and try my hand again at winning a painting award.
3- Books. I will be aiming at 1 per Month in 2017. Or 1 every 2 month, with 1 or 2 being premium quality books ( one of which already in the work )
I did put out 2 e-books this year, and have a lot done on 2 more.  I will definitely put out more in 2018, but I don’t have as steep goals as 12 books.  I promised ad free, but you know where to find them.  #sorrynotsorry
4- Drink mo’ Beer, Push mo’ toysoldiers, Make mo’ Friends.
This is and remains my favorite goal.  Played in more tournaments than ever before and met a whole lot of new folks.
“Ceremonial Jersey Swap “
Adepticon with the savage bunch of alchoolics and Jason
2nd place at CHTT where I met a lot of the Ontario 40K Scene.
Chaos Ludik, where I got my first taste of AOS tournaments,
Winning 3rd place at ATC where I met James, Ernie, Travis and Lucas,
CCBB, the year I finally played versus Jeff Brown
NOVA with Eric and JC, where I met Mike Walsh and we filled a kiddie pool with Miller Lites.
Of course, I’m not name dropping everyone and am probably forgetting a lot of folks, but rest assured that I rarely forget faces and will drink with you at events to come for sure.

Now, a couple of points that were not covered in these ‘resolutions’:

IMG_2367 2
Not gonna front, with the store and other things, I was really not sure where Hellfire Painting as a whole would go.  Turns out that in the 3-4 months where I completely stopped painting I was miserable at best.  Safe to say that I will spend 2018 painting like a madman.
This fresh new website.  Moved on from blogger to this more “professional” platform because I wanted to improve the experience on your end.  Blogger is quite simple to use, but falls short on dedicated sections and linking to various bits on content, like product referrals and the e-books, which are the most frequented sections of the blog.
Terrain!  Lots of terrain.  I had not really thought about this until browsing through this year’s posts, but I made a whole lot of terrain this year.
Incoming stuff for 2018
Tournament-wise, I do plan on attending CHTT and Adepticon.  I can’t make plans further than this, like ATC and NOVA at the moment, but if everything store-related goes as planned, I hope to attend more.
A Warlord Titan.  It’s been planned for a while, but painting has begun on the beast.
Livestreaming.  I have started Facebook live sessions with the Warlord, and with my “more painting” approach to 2018, I want to transition to twitch eventually.  This requires a steady schedule and a slight upgrade in my studio, but I’m working towards that.
And so, with all this said and done,  here’s to a great 2018.
Until next time,
No excuses; hobby like a champion!

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