Hobby Life 02 – An Introduction

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Taking a break from the books guides and how-to’s in this post.  Hobby Life is a monthly chronicle of what has been going on hobby wise for yours truly and things to come.

If you scroll back to last year and the previous’ posts, you might noticed that the blog has somewhat evolved or transformed from more of a personal blog and here’s what I did today type thing to almost exclusively how to’s, guides and primer posts.

While the former was great an personal, the later seemed to drive a lot more visitors to the site, and got featured on the much bigger internet platform that is Spikey Bits.

However, I get messages from the OG, or even some new Gs asking me for updates on what I’m doing and things to come.  Never one to turn my back on the OGs, welcome the Hobby Life series.


Hobby Life

So, once per month, usually at the beginning, we’ll have a Hobby Life post, where I put aside most of the general “business” stuff, and just explore what I did in the previous month and what I plan to do this month hobby-wise.  Monthly goals if you will.

Don’t go looking for Hobby Life 01, it does not exist.  Because it’s a monthly thing and I’m starting in February, we’re just going to follow months for numbers.  Booyah.

Now that the introduction and presentation is out of the way….

Hobby Life 02 – Tournaments in lands far away

Last months’ goals:

I didn’t share last month’s so you’ll have to trust me on them.  But starting in march, you guys can keep me in check with what I write here.

My month of January was pretty slow hobby-wise.  I didn’t have as much time as I would’ve liked to work on the Warlord, but I did get a lot of progress in.

I’ve found most of the pieces missing for 3 armies that I have lying around that I never got around to build.  I am still in the market for:

  • 9 Oblits,
  • 2 Starter Set Plague Drones ( or the boxed version with spitters, but I don’t want to pay a premium on these)
  • About as many Dark Vengeance Cultists as humanly possible ( 90 or so? )
  • Possibly 30 poxwalkers, if I can find a good enough deal.

While they were not goals so to speak, but to keep track of things; let’s talk tournaments!

I have committed to attend Adepticon once more.  My my friends hooking me up with sweet deals on both hotel and airfare, it was too tempting to pass on.  I am still on the hunt for a best painted award, and will probably ship my display board ahead of time in order to bring a massive one.

I’ve also been invited to the ETC Team Canada.  Let’s face it, playing in the olympics of 40K is pretty sweet and too good to pass on.  So there’s that to look forward, which bring me to 2 further goals:

1- At some point, my armies and game will become somewhat “secret”.  I am a huge fan of sharing is caring, but I am under strict orders for that tournament, and team tactics are to be kept secret.

2- I need to play games, man!  I’ve setup a new reservation app with the store, where I enter the time where I am free to play, and people can book games.  Talk about take all comers!

This is part a) of my 2-prong approach at playing more toy soldiers.  Part b) is having dedicated playtest days at the store, in lieu of tournaments.  I have not decided on the format or occurence of such things, but if you readers are willing to come by Quebec for a weekend or even a  single day, I will make sure you get more 40K action than any human is capable of.


I’ve also got a new e-book out, and a paperback version of an old favorite is now available.  I’m working on being able to offer signed copies.  Yes, really.

February Goals

And for the future and being held accountable, here are what I have in store for February:

  • Finishing the Warlord
  • Finishing a Magnus for Jack, and a Nagash for my bud Max.
  • I’m hosting an AOS/40K RTT day on Saturday the 24th, my previous goal was 40 players, but I think we capped that, so I’m aiming and hoping for 50 players now!
  • Have at least 10 games played of 40K
  • Have my Adepticon army finished and ready before March.  This is the last on the list because it’s not really a priority, just something I’d really like to get done.


If you have monthly hobby goals yourself, I’d be happy for you to share them in the comments below, and I’ll even try to keep up with your goals in next month’s Hobby Life

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