What has Four Thumbs and Like Casting Spells?

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These guys!  Turns out blogs don’t really do that joke any justice.  Nonetheless, here’s a showcase of Nagash and Magnus in all their purpley glory.

The Quebec Winter Classics, a joint AoS and 40K event, was this past weekend and with my friends attending, painting was in order.  So today, I bring you not one, but 2 showcases!

First up is everyone’s favorite necromancer, Nagash.  Max friend Max went head over heels over undeads since the Legion of Nagash book dropped last month.  With all the craze, he decided he wanted needed to play Nagash.


Who could you say no to such a cutesy skeleton in the toppest of hats?



Second up in this double feature of a spellcasting showcase, is Thousand Sons Primarch Magnus the Red.


But wait, that’s not red!  That’s purple!  It is indeed, my color-knowledgable friend!


If this color scheme looks familiar, it’s because this is Jack’s model, and goes with his army, the Fluff 4 the Fluff God Legio, that I painted back in November.  With the nerf to Malefic Lords, Jack had to adjust his list; transforming 5 small psykers into a rather large one.


Because badboy the cyclops goes with the all-purple army, it made way more sense to make it  purple, rather that sticking out like a sore thumb in red.  Magnus is already a centerpiece, so you really don’t need to make him stand out much from the rest of your army to pop.


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