Hobby Life 03

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So, now that we are past the first installment of Hobby Life, we can begin to kick it like I meant it to be.  I.E. first part is looking back on the past month’s and the hobby goals for this month.

From this point forward, the Hobby Life posts will also be available in podcast form, in case you’d rather hear the sweet sweet sound of my voice while you paint / do cardio / drift to sleep.  So bully!

The Hellfire Podcast is available on iTunes and Google Play, or you can get it straight from here.  There’s also a link on the homepage to listen straight from there.


The Hobby Life 03

February Goals

And for the future and being held accountable, here are what I have in store for February:

  • Finishing the Warlord

You can check out the showcase post on here if you missed it.  What a beast!  I’m pretty stoked about this project.  Because I’m a degenerate, it’s one of those models, like the Primarchs, that I really wanted to paint, but didn’t really want to buy.

  • Finishing a Magnus for Jack, and a Nagash for my bud Max.

These were posted on the Instagram, but I’m late on the blog showcase for these 2 wizards.  Maybe a two-ffer this week to show these guys off.  Edit:  Here they are!

These guys took me a loooong day for the both of them, and I’m quite pleased with how they turned out.

  • I’m hosting an AOS/40K RTT day on Saturday the 24th, my previous goal was 40 players, but I think we capped that, so I’m aiming and hoping for 50 players now!

40 players it was!  I mean, it was closer to 50 registered, but with something like 8 no-shows through both game systems, 40 it was!  Bully!

  • Have at least 10 games played of 40K

I missed on this by 3 games ( although at the time of writing this I did get my games in )  I don’t really have an explanation on why I failed this…  I think I need more consistency in playing, rather than trying to cram 3-4 games in a single day.


This is part of Captain Chris’ intensive ETC training regimen.  I’m counting a lot on Adepticon to pump those numbers up, as Adepticon is like 12 games in 4 days.

  • Have my Adepticon army finished and ready before March.  This is the last on the list because it’s not really a priority, just something I’d really like to get done.

Not finished and ready, but it is well underway.  I’m doing things in reverse this time, working mostly on the display board.

That’s because my friend Jeff is driving to Chicago and as is kind enough to drive it up there for me.  This will help me bring a bigger board and hopefully  compete for best painted.

The marines are underway also, in a lot of turquoise, but faaaaaar from anywhere close to being done.

March goals

As important as reflecting on past goals is; onwards we go.  Here are the hobby goals I have set for March:

  • Finish my Adepticon Army
  • Compete at Adepticon
  • Finish Eric’s Models
  • Finish the Kingdom Death monsters
  • Get started on the Siege of Vraks
  • Get through at least 25 games played of 40K

The first 3 are up top for a reason; they all go pretty much hand in hand.  Adepticon is on the weekend of the 24th, I need an army, I need to board that plane and Eric needs his models, so really, these are happening, even if I have to sacrifice a lot of sleep.


Compete is an important word here.  As fun as it is, I don’t simply want to stroll around Adepticon aimlessly.  I want to show up strong and have decent chances in the events I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I plan on a lot of drinking and a lot of fun regardless.  if you don’t focus on something ( competing in this case ) it’s easy to be disappointed in yourself or just falling back on excuses.

I have some more Kingdom Death commission pieces that I’ve had for a while now, but were on the backburner.  This stops now.  Hopefully I can get started before Adepticon, but because I want to give it my all, it might be squeezed in the days after.


The Death Korps of Krieg and Renegades from Forge World have always been my favorite models, and I am really into playing more narrative games and friendly games.  So I want to run the campaign from Siege of Vraks.  I don’t have a fixed plan yet, but I am in the process of getting the books, which sounds like a great 1st step.

Get through 25 games of 40K is on there, but this is, I think quite easy.  I’m at 10 so far, and will have 12 at Adepticon ( give or take a few ) so if I hit a tournament at the store or play a couple of games, I should be at 25.

This is part of the much bigger goal of having played 50 games before Adepticon; and doing so puts me well ahead of schedule, having 4 months to play the other half of games.  Mind you, 50 is the minimum, and I feel like pushing myself to reach the 100 is realistic.

This is it for my this Hobby Life.  Don’t forget to tune in to the podcast if you feel like reading isn’t your thing!

If you have monthly hobby goals yourself, I’d be happy for you to share them in the comments below, and I’ll even try to keep up with your goals in next month’s Hobby Life

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