The Adepticon 2018 Tournament Primer

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Adepticon is just around the corner, and for this very special occasion, I’m bringing back and old tradition to the blog: The Tournament primer!

As you know from my Hobby Life posts,  like to set goals before I attend events.  It helps me get focussed and keeps me accountable when I do a recap of my experience.

I skiped a couple of events with the tournament primers, but now they come with 100% more podcasts! Bully!


Adepticon and yours truly

The coolest thing about Adepticon is that there’s a lot of events packed into a single weekend.  There is a whole lot of things, from seminar, vendors halls to countless systems for gaming.  I choose to spend my weekend cramming in as many 40K events as I possibly can.  With so much to do, here’s what I have planned.

The Championship

For the past 2 years, I’ve finished in the top 5 for painting in the championship tied for second with the Hammer Time and tied ( with like 7+ people ) for fifth with the Nurgle Port-a-Potties

From the variety of 40K events, painting is, surprisingly, the only award I’m missing.  I won best sports in the Champ 2 years ago, got Player’s Choice the year before with a Best Overall / Best General for the Team tournament.

So this year, I went above and beyond with my championship army to compete for that prize and complete my collection of Adepticon plates.

I’m also planning to sell the army. If you’re interested in acquiring the Turquoise-est of Ultramarines, get in touch; either here or at the event.

The list if quite straightforward, and is based on Lawrence Baker’s GT winning list, with some modifications because of the Chapter Approved point hikes.

It’s not the greatest list of all time and has pretty terrible matchups, notably the Dark Reapers and the 2,3,4 Fire Raptors.  I’m expecting a solid 2-2 or a 3-1 if the pairing gods are kind to me.


The Friendly

The friendly is one of the greatest event at Adepticon.  It’s on Friday, and for the 40K lovers that are either not into competitive play, have not made top 16 of the champs, or didn’t have a pal for The Long War Doubles event.

Basically, it involved screaming, drinking and pushing models across tables without much care.  Some might say this format was made for me.

The only problem with this event is that I’m on the waiting list, so I have to hope that people bail out of it and/or they add some more tables for the screaming-drinking enthusiasts.

The Long War Doubles

I might also end up doing the Long War Doubles, if one of my fellow Wobbly Modelers does qualify for the Top 16, as we have a couple of teams registered.

I’ve played in the first year of the doubles with Eric, and we had a blast.  I skipped last year to play in the friendly because we were an odd number of Wobbly Modelers to do the doubles.

Nevertheless, we have registered 3 or 4 doubles teams, so there are good chances that I end up in that event.  Team events are my favorites, and it will also be a good practice run for the 4-man event of Saturday and Sunday.

The Adepticon Team Tournament

That’s the big one, and the reason I keep going to Adepticon year after year.  The Team Tournament is the crown jewel of Adepticon, pitting around 150 teams of 4 in a 5 round event.

This event is a blast every year.  Not only to play in, but just to see all the cool armies teams put together.  It his, in my opinion the best showcase of hobby love and dedication.  I plan on doing an episode on this very subject after the event.  Hopefully, with the show’s first guest!

So, great weekend ahead.  If you’re reading this blog and hear a loud inhibriated french guy scream or see a Storm Raven play Danger Zone by Kenny Logins, come say hi and share a brew or two, I’ll be delighted!

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