Ultramarines Army Showcase

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Quick showcase today of my Adepticon 2018 army:  Danger Zone Ultramarines.  Not your traditional smurfs; it’s Forge World and Turquoise up in here!

This showcase is in video form, because sound is required to fully appreciate how awesome/stupid my Stormraven is.

Here’s an affiliate link to the speaker.  I’m 99% sure it fits rhinos if you remove some of the inside details.

If you enjoy these video showcases, make sure to let me know, I’ll be happy do do more of them in the future!

But if video ain’t your thang, here are mo’ pictures for you to enjoy:


So, because of logistics, I had to ship the display board ahead of time because my friend Jeff was bringing it.  The rest of the army was not done at that point, that’s why the portable studio pics are models only.


For some reason, the Horus Heresy range is not rich in psykers (*AHEM* Nikea *AHEM*) so I had to convert my own Tigurius out of the Limited edition Banner Bearer.  #Spellsoverstandards


Scouts were added after the Chapter Approved nerf to the Space Marines points, and with the time I had, I had to use regular scouts and not anything fancy converted from FW.  I really like how they turned out.


The top and bottom half of the Storm Raven are unglued, because the speaker doesn’t fit through the door and you need some way to remove it to charge it.


In the coming weeks, I’ll post a tutorial on how I did the dozer blades, as they seemed to be a crowd favorite.


This army will be featured at some point on The Long War, so keep an eye out for that if you want to see how it in action!

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