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New Podcast, new goals, with this month’s late to release Hobby Life episode!

The Hobby Life posts are now also be available in podcast form, in case you’d rather hear the sweet sweet sound of my voice while you paint / do cardio / drift to sleep.  So bully!

The Hellfire Podcast is available on iTunes and Google Play, or you can get it straight from here.  There’s also a link on the homepage to listen straight from there.

Let’s start by reviewing the goals set for March

March goals

  • Finish my Adepticon Army

You can see the army in the Ultramarines Showcase post here.  The army turned out pretty well and was a big hit at Adepticon.  I was not sure about selling it at the venue for a couple of reasons.  I don’t like bringing stuff back and was not too keen on playing it anymore.  In the end, I left the army in the trusting hands of The Long War to use in one of their battle reports.

  • Compete at Adepticon

Maaaan, Adepticon was a blast, as per usual!  My tournament recap will follow soon enough.

I meant to do it last week, but the 24/7 AC, a strict dieting of only-booze and shouting for 5 days during the con destroyed my voice, hence the no podcast last week.

Adepticon was the big one, and marked my first of 4 big tournaments in 2018.  My goal was not only to attend, but also to compete, which I did.

I don’t want to go too much over Adepticon, so as not to spoil next week’s episode.  Let’s put it this way:  everybody wanged; everybody chunged.

  • Finish Eric’s Models

These guys turned out great; the finishing touches that Eric added in are the real kicker.


  • Finish the Kingdom Death monsters

This one I simply did not have the time.  Getting back from my week off from Adepticon was a much heavier workload than I expected.  It is however underway as we speak and will be the first project I finish in April.

  • Get started on the Siege of Vraks

Started indeed!  I found and bought the 3 book-set in a local trade group.  I’m halfway through the 1st volume, and have started the tally of renegade models I own.

I’m still not sure where this project is fully going, but I intend to do a podcast episode in april about this.


  • Get through at least 25 games played of 40K

As mentioned last month, this was a breeze. With a whooping 12 games at Adepticon and a couple more at the store, getting through 25 games of 40K was easy.

April 2018 Goals

Now the fun part, this month’s goals and projects!

  • Paint Kingdom Death
  • Clean up leftover sprues
  • Paint CHTT Army
  • Paint Bees?! Army
  • Play 40 games of 40K
  • Order missing Vraks models
  • Publish new E-Book
  • Launch Hobby Products

Paint Kingdom Death

As mentionned before, this is is long overdue, so I will go beastmode over them.  The Gorm monster is my favorite piece in the game, and I’ll save it for last.

Clean up leftover sprues

With the store buying a lot of used models and kits, my collection of bitz and sprues as grown quite and lot, and I am stacking them left and right in a chaos of loose parts.  It has to stop, or I might end up on the next episode of hoarder.

This is either something I’m going to do in a single day on a red bull-fulled rampage, or work on systematically by showing up at work an hour early and whittle it down.


I did an initial sorting out of sprues and kits by faction so when I do get around to it, it will be much easier to sort out, and work at it in manageable chunks.


Paint CHTT Army

Remember that time I said I was over playing Robert Guiliman.  Well, turns out my Canhammer Team Tournament army is… you guessed it, an Ultramarine Army!  I am mainly going to use Jason’s models for this as there is no way I’m buying an entire army, but it does require it to be painted.  So that’s coming up.

Order missing Vraks models

As my tally of what I have nears completion, I can check to buy/trade/order what is missing for the campaign’s first mission.  Again I’m saving more infos for a dedicated post on this, so news later.

Publish new E-Book

The writing bug, it’s got me!  I’m not actually sure where I’m heading with this at the moment.

I have a couple of drafts and rough outlines already started, it’s just a matter of  picking one that inspires me and knocking it out the ball park.

Launch Hobby Products

This is more out of necessity for the store, but I’m including it here as well, because well, I’d like to offer these products to readers here.  At the moment I have dice packs going on and I’m moving into magnets.

The next step is probably going to be tape measures and possibly chess clocks, as it seems the whole 40K thing is moving towards those.

I’m also looking at brushes and airbrushes in the long run, but these require a much bigger cashdown and I’m not quite there yet.

Play 40 games of 40K

I’m at 29 right now, and have at least 5 for the CHTT at the end of the month, which means I actually have to play only 6 games in 3 weeks, which sounds doable, specially since I want to play a game or 2 with my CHTT army, that I’ve never played before.

As per usual, if you have monthly hobby goals, I’d love to hear them, be sure to drop a line below!

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