Hobby Ressources

The cream of the crop, best of the best, and, mostly, what doesn’t fall in the E-Books category or the Buying Stuff category is gathered here.   Hobby ressources offers the articles that answer the most common questions and readers’ favorite series.  


( Some of the more popular articles – a great place to start if you’re new around! )

The Dirty Dozen – 12 Colors to Rule them All

Painting with a Purpose

The Best 40K Ressources!

Kickstart your Motivation



Paint Models – Get Money

A 5 step process to make the most out of painting miniatures for a living.  Ideal to start your own business or kickstart your already existing painting commish service.

Get Ready – Part 1  

The Plan TM – Part 2

Myth Bustin’ – Part 3

The One about Painting – Part 4

The One about Selling – Part 5


Master Your Mancave

A growing series on building a proper area to hobby!  Form meets function, buying the right gear and supplies at a decent price, and looking at other great modellers’ setup is on the menu.


1- Myth Bustin’

2- The College / Budget Mancave


3- The Ultimate Desk

4- Budget Friendly Hobby List


Paint for Points

Originally written for Torrent of Fire, Paint for Points is about on painting with tournaments in mind!

1- Knowing is half the battle

2- The Art of the Quickie

3- Make it Pop Pop POP

4- Bribe the Judge


5- Spray and Pray, But Mostly Spray

6- The Emperor’s Count-as