Hobby Ressources

The cream of the crop, best of the best, and, mostly, what doesn’t fall in the E-Books category or the Buying Stuff category is gathered here.   Hobby ressources offers the articles that answer the most common questions and readers’ favorite series.  One place to rule them all and find specific series and/or start with the best articles this blog has to offer.


( Some of the more popular articles – a great place to start if you’re new around! )

The Dirty Dozen – 12 Colors to Rule them All

Painting with a Purpose

The Best 40K Ressources!

Kickstart your Motivation



Paint Models – Get Money

A 5 step process to make the most out of painting miniatures for a living.  Ideal to start your own business or kickstart your already existing painting commish service.

Get Ready – Part 1  

The Plan TM – Part 2

Myth Bustin’ – Part 3

The One about Painting – Part 4

The One about Selling – Part 5


Master Your Mancave

A growing series on building a proper area to hobby!  Form meets function, buying the right gear and supplies at a decent price, and looking at other great modellers’ setup is on the menu.


1- Myth Bustin’

2- The College / Budget Mancave


3- The Ultimate Desk

4- Budget Friendly Hobby List


Paint for Points

Originally written for Torrent of Fire, Paint for Points is about on painting with tournaments in mind!

1- Knowing is half the battle

2- The Art of the Quickie

3- Make it Pop Pop POP

4- Bribe the Judge


5- Spray and Pray, But Mostly Spray

6- The Emperor’s Count-as