Models 4 Sale

Unlike the e-books and affiliate links to awesome products, these are models that I have up for sale.

The stuff for sale comes in all shapes and sizes; from fully painted armies to unassembled single models.  I sell them because I buy stuff like a maniac and rarely play the same army for longer than a month or two.


Battled Bastion – $50

Imperial Bunker – $40

Herald of Slaanesh / The Masque ( Resin ) – $30

Daemon Prince of Nurgle – $150

Brimstone Horors – $40

Khorne Daemon Prince – $100

Slaanesh Daemon Prince – $100

Tzeentch Daemon Prince ( Converted Morghast ) – $100

*Please note that unless it’s explicitly stated, I don’t split lots of miniatures ( i.e. no, you can’t just buy that 1 guy from the army )